ADIB Najda Branch: Location, Contact number & Working time

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ADIB Nahda branch

Are you on holiday or living in the Najda area?

If you are there and need help with your banking with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), then you are in a favourable area, you can visit several branches and ATMs in this Najda area. Today we will discuss the ADIB Najda Branch, its services, location, working hours and other information.

ADIB Najda Branch

Customers can choose from a range of services provided by the ADIB Najda Branch. Being a reputable business, they prioritize your needs and try to improve your banking experience.

According to information on the official ADIB website, the Najda branch provides business and personal services, including a dedicated business service desk. And at this location, you will not only find the ADIB Branch Najda but you will also find an ATM here.

In addition, all of ADIB’s branches guarantee senior citizens and motivated individuals preferential service. Are you seeking more near to the ADIB Branches? you can search for another branch Here!

ADIB Najda_Opening

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Location, Contact number & Working time

The ADIB Najda Branch is located in Al Danah – Zone 1 – Al-Mariah Mall – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates – 6 Fatima bintu Mubarak Street. ATMs may be found in the same complex, which is Al Danah – Zone – Ailabouny Medical Center – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. For guests, the ADIB Najda branch provides easy access. Customers will find the location easily accessible since it has convenient access facilities and is accessible by public transit.

ADIB Najda Loc

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Location & Contact Number

Location Branch :Fatima bintu Mubarak Street - Al Danah - Zone 1 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Location ATM : Fatima bintu Mubarak Street- Al Danah - Zone 1 - Ailabouny Medical Center - Abu Dhabi - Uni Emirat Arab
Contact number :+9718002828
Location maps:Google Maps Branch

Google Maps ATM

Working hours

Monday:08.00 - 14.00
Tuesday:08.00 - 14.00
Wednesday:08.00 - 14.00
Thursday:08.00 - 12.00
Friday:08.00 - 12.00
Saturday:08.00 - 12.00

Public Transportation

Al Najda Street is a busy area. Streets are quite busy during the day because of the presence of offices and shops. That’s why it’s very easy to find public transportation in this area to reach the ADIB Najda Branch. There are plenty of bus and taxi options available for easy commuting in the Najda streets region. Many bus lines run through this area, making it simple for locals to go to other sections of the city.

  • Bus 101
  • Bus 120
  • Bus 155
  • Bus 40
  • and Bus 54 are some bus lines that travel through the Najda streets region.

Users can also benefit from even more ease by using the Moovit app, which offers complete advice, including maps, step-by-step directions, line arrival times, and the most recent schedules for local public transportation. Residents find this software very helpful as it allows them to plan their trips efficiently and choose the best transit options for their needs.


The ADIB Najda Branch provides a variety of services to its clientele, including:

  • Banking Services: Account opening, deposits, and withdrawals are among the basic banking services offered by the branch.
  • Smart Teller: A few ADIB branches, especially the Najda Branch, are now offering the Smart Teller service. Thanks to this advanced solution, customers can use their Emirates ID and fingerprint to complete financial transactions.
  • ATM Services: At the Najda Branch, ADIB ensures accessibility by providing ATM services that accept checks in denominations of 1,000, 100, 10, 5, 1½, and ¼ fils, with a maximum amount of AED 100,000.
  • Priority Service: ADIB branches, including Najda, provide priority service to those who are identified and older citizens, acknowledging the wide range of needs that they serve.

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The ADIB Najda Branch located at 6 Fatima Bint Mubarak St, Zone 1E9-02, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, offers a wide range of financial services to its customers. These include traditional banking services, advanced Smart Teller setups, and easily accessible ATM services. Satisfied customers have attested to the branch’s swift and supportive service. In addition, the Najda Branch of the ADIB offers priority service to those who have been identified as senior citizens, much like all other branches.

Introducing the Smart Teller service at a few branches, including Najda, has significantly improved the clientele’s banking experience. By utilizing Emirates ID and fingerprint identification, this innovation makes banking transactions easy and safe.


  • What services does the ADIB Najda Branch offer?

A wide range of services, including typical banking activities like account opening, deposits, and withdrawals, are offered by the ADIB Najda Branch. Customers can also take advantage of Smart Teller services, which allow them to conduct secure financial transactions with just their Emirates ID and fingerprint. Along with ATM services, the branch is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM and on Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Smart Teller access is also available.

  • Does the ADIB Najda Branch give a specific customer group priority service?

Certain client categories, such as senior citizens and individuals with determination, receive priority service from the ADIB Najda Branch and all other ADIB branches.

  • What are the ADIB Najda Branch’s contact details?

The following are the ADIB Najda Branch’s contact details:
Email:; Phone: +971 2 610 0600; Fax: +971 2 610 0601; Address: Fatima Bint Mubarak St, Zone 1E9-02, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Which bus routes provide easy access to the ADIB Najda Branch by passing through the Najda Streets area?

A number of bus lines connect the Najda streets area well, making it simple to get to the ADIB Najda Branch. Buses 101, 120, 155, 40, and 54 are some of these.

  • Does the ADIB Najda Branch offer banking services that are consistent with Sharia law?

Absolutely, customers can obtain financial services that adhere to Sharia law from the ADIB Najda Branch, which is a branch of the top Islamic bank.


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