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Do you need financial management, both personal finances and business finances? ADIB Direct is a pass to simply managing your finances. easy access from your house to your very own bank account. Avoid the need to spend time. Find complete information about it here and make it easier than ever.

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ADIB Direct


ADIB Direct is an online bank digital platform for businesses, offering advanced cash management solutions and a comprehensive account dashboard. It provides secure and user-friendly access, with video guides and quick help resources. To sign up, businesses must complete the ADIB Direct Registration Form and submit it to the nearest ADIB branch or email to

ADIB Direct Registration Forms Menu

Before you use it, you are required to register, for this reason, here is a list of several registration forms. We’ll offer suggestions for completing the form and a link to download it in PDF format. Remember to look at the other forms available here.

A. ADIB (Inquires, Payments & Service Request)

ADIB online banking platform that offers easy access across all devices, allowing efficient management of accounts, conducting commercial and salary payments, and providing options for inquiries on all cash management products. If you would like to register for ADIB Direct with the form, download the form here


Wage Protection System (WPS)

Payroll solutions through ADIB’s online portal with instant salary credit, If you would like to use this form, download the form here


1. Cash/Cheques Collection & Deliver

Receive checks and cash delivered to your workplace and deposited into your account. If you would like to use this form, download the form here

2. Smart Cash Deposit Machines

Receive same-day credit to your account when you safely deposit cash into the machine. If you would like to use this form, download the form here

3. Remote Cheque Scanning

Get your collection checks cleared fast by scanning them. If you would like to use this form, download the form here

4. Cheque Printing

Take pleasure in the convenience of printing personalized checks that you have digitally signed from your home or a distant location. If you would like to use this form, download the form here


1. Direct Debits

Use a safe, automated approach to handle your repeated customer payments and gain more convenience. If you would like to use this form, download the form here

2. Virtual Accounts

Use virtual accounts that you can open online to organize your collection balance. If you would like to use this form, download the form here

Video Guides & Quick Help

To support customers with their financial needs, they provide a selection of video tutorials and instant assistance tools. These resources include FAQs, system requirements, fast assistance infographics and videos, and a mobile app video guide. Visit here for video guides and help, You only need to choose the available keywords. then, try clicking to see the contents of the related video.

ADIB Direct V

ADIB Direct V is a powerful platform for cash management solutions provided by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. It meets working capital demands on a local, regional, and global scale and offers comprehensive financial information and predictions through customizable dashboards to ADIB and other banks. Time and money are saved during platform transactions thanks to straight-through payments. Users with online, mobile, and wearable devices can access notifications along with detailed transaction status and information.

In addition to offering mobile applications on the App Store and Google Play, ADIB Direct V is accessible through web applications on Internet Explorer V 11, Google Chrome V 69, Firefox V 61, and Apple Safari V 10.1, to access ADIB Direct Corporate Login, users need to enter their User ID and Password provided by ADIB Direct.

Designed specifically for companies, it allows for quick and easy handling of financial requirements, quick trade and foreign exchange transactions, safe account monitoring, and easy acceptance of credit and debit cards via point-of-sale terminals and online shopping platforms—all from the comfort of your home or place of business.

ADIB Direct Mobile

The ADIB Direct Mobile App offers businesses secure and instant access to their accounts, allowing for account statements, transaction history, transaction initiation, and activity approvals. It includes customizable dashboards for comprehensive financial information and forecasting tools. This app is available for iOS and Android devices, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store.

ADIB Direct Login

How to ADIB Direct Login?

To get access, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the page at
  2. Enter your User ID, which ADIB Direct will provide you.
  3. Input your password. If you’re a new user, you’ll set up three security questions and create your new ADIB Direct password.
  4. Click on the “Login” button.

After logging in, you can explore ADIB Direct’s features, such as configurable dashboards, enhanced cash management, alerts, and digital customer care, as well as manage accounts and conduct transactions. There is a recovery procedure accessible if you lose your password or User ID.

Benefits of Using ADIB Direct

They offer several benefits to their users, including:

  1. Convenience: Easy to manage your finances from your house or place of business. By POS terminals and E-commerce solutions, you can securely access and monitor your business accounts, process trade, manage foreign exchange, make dependable transfers, and take card payments.
  2. Customized: Customize your dashboard to see full financial information and tools for forecasting for ADIB and other bank accounts. This function improves your banking operations.
  3. Modern cash management solutions: They provide modern cash management systems that address all local, regional, and international finance requirements. Customers may obtain detailed status and information on all of their transactions, and straight-through payments save money and time on transactions.
  4. Alerts and Notifications: Use on the web, smartphone, and smartwatch device alerts and notifications to stay informed. Monitor account activity and improve the way you handle your money.
  5. Digital Customer Support and Requests: You can rely on effective online customer service. When needed, easily get help and support through the ADIB Direct platform.

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In summary, “Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank offers ADIB Direct, an advanced digital banking solution for companies. Its 360-degree account dashboard and extensive cash management tools enable businesses to manage their banking requirements from the comfort of their homes or offices. It offers safe, practical access to company accounts and speeds up trade, foreign exchange, and transfers.

ADIB provides consumers with instant help tools and video guides. Businesses can begin by filling out the ADIB DIRECT Registration Form and sending it by email to the ADIB Direct staff or by mail to the closest ADIB location. For payments and login, a two-factor authentication method provides security.”

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  • What is ADIB Direct? Is a digital banking platform offered by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank that provides businesses with state-of-the-art cash management solutions and access to a 360-degree account dashboard. It enables businesses to manage all their banking needs from the comfort of their office or home and is secure and easy to use.
  • How can I access ADIB Direct? Enter your password and the User ID that ADIB Direct sent you to get access. As a new user, you must create a new ADIB Direct password and set three security questions.
  • What are the benefits of using ADIB Direct? ADIB Direct offers advantages, including convenience, customizable dashboards, advanced cash management solutions, alerts and notifications, and digital customer support.
  • Is Direct ADIB Secure? Certainly, security is ADIB Direct’s priority. ADIB Websecure offers a one-time password (OTP) for online transactions to protect your account from fraud and unauthorised access.
  • Can I access it on my mobile device? Yes, you can access ADIB Direct on all devices, including mobile devices.
  • How do I register for ADIB Direct? To register, visit the ADIB Direct Registration Forms page on the ADIB website and complete the required forms.
  • Where can I find help? For assistance, visit the ADIB Direct Video Guides and Quick Help page on the ADIB website or email
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