DU Credit Transfer Easy Tutorial


DU Credit Transfer Easy Tutorial

Imagine this: your friend or family member is running low on credit, and you’re in a position to help them out instantly. DU Credit Transfer lets you do just that. Whether it’s a thoughtful gesture, a helping hand during emergencies, or simply keeping everyone connected, this service ensures you’re always a few clicks away from sharing credit.

With DU’s widespread network coverage and dependable service, your transferred credit reaches its destination promptly, ensuring that no one feels disconnected when it matters the most. Let’s delve into the key benefits of DU Credit Transfer before we embark on a step-by-step journey through the process.

Benefits of DU Credit Transfer

DU Credit Transfer brings forth a multitude of advantages for its customers. Let’s explore these benefits, showcasing the value of this service:

  • Convenience: DU Credit Transfer prioritizes user convenience by enabling the swift transfer of credit to friends and family on DU. The process is straightforward – customers can initiate credit transfer by dialing 121 and adhering to the provided instructions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With an emphasis on affordability, DU Credit Transfer stands as an economical means to transfer credit among other DU numbers within the UAE. The service maintains a minimum transfer threshold of AED 2, and notably, no charges are associated with transferring credit to other numbers within the UAE.
  • Educational Facilitation: According to DAU, the credit transfer mechanism can also play a role in expediting educational pursuits. Transferred credits might contribute to a more streamlined journey towards acquiring degrees or certificates, ultimately helping individuals save on educational expenses.
  • Flexibility: DU Credit Transfer understands the value of customization. Customers can exercise flexibility in transferring amounts, with a minimum limit set at AED 2 and a transaction-cap at AED 200, accommodating various transfer needs.
  • Global Connectivity: Expanding its reach, DU Credit Transfer extends its services globally through the international top-up feature. This service empowers customers to seamlessly transfer mobile balance and replenish prepaid lines for their loved ones abroad. The process entails three user-friendly steps, simplifying the connectivity between families and friends across borders.

DU Credit Transfer Services

One2One Credit Transfer

DU’s One2One Credit Transfer is a remarkable feature that allows DU subscribers to share their mobile credit within the DU network. It’s a service that enables users to support their friends and family members who might need an instant credit top-up. The process is remarkably simple, ensuring that you can extend a helping hand with just a few clicks.

When you’re a part of the DU network, you have the ability to transfer credit to another DU prepaid plan user. Whether it’s topping up your sibling’s phone or assisting a friend in need, One2One Credit Transfer facilitates these connections.

Steps for One2One DU Credit Transfer

DU mobile

  • You initiate the transfer by accessing the relevant menu option on your DU mobile, then inputting the recipient’s number and the desired amount.
  • Confirm the transaction, and the transferred credit becomes available to the recipient almost immediately.
  • This seamless process ensures that those in your network are never disconnected due to low credit balances.


  • To initiate credit transfer, customers can dial 121 and proceed with the instructions to input the recipient’s number along with the desired amount in dirhams.
  • The transfer amount can range from a minimum of AED 2 to a maximum of AED 200 per transaction.
DU Credit Transfer Tutorial
DU Credit Transfer Tutorial

Free Balance Transfer Service

DU’s commitment to connectivity extends to its Free DU Balance Transfer service, making it even more accessible for users to share credit with others. As the name suggests, this service allows you to transfer credit without incurring additional charges for the transaction itself.

Steps for Free Balance Transfer Service

DU mobile

  • The Free Balance Transfer service operates in a similar manner to One2One Credit Transfer, providing a hassle-free way to share credit.
  • By navigating through your DU mobile menu, you can enter the recipient’s number and the credit amount you wish to transfer.
  • After confirming the details, the recipient gains immediate access to the transferred credit.
  • This service eliminates any concerns about charges, ensuring that the focus remains on connecting and sharing.


  • Dial 121 and proceed with the instructions to input the recipient’s number along with the desired amount in dirhams.
  • Wait the “Carrier Info” notification. Once received, they can press 1 to confirm the transfer or 2 to cancel it.
  • The minimum transfer limit for this service remains at AED 2, and there are no associated fees for transferring credit to other numbers within the UAE.

International Top-Up

DU’s commitment to connectivity doesn’t stop at national boundaries. With the International Top-Up service, you have the power to recharge the mobile accounts of your friends and family members who are located outside the UAE.

This service allows you to send mobile credit to prepaid numbers in other countries, ensuring that your loved ones can stay connected, even if they are miles away. By entering the recipient’s international mobile number and choosing the top-up amount, you initiate the process.

While fees might apply for this service, the convenience it offers in terms of international connectivity is invaluable.

DU Credit Code

To transfer credit from one DU number to another, customers can use a straightforward code format:

121recipient DU number*amount#

For instance, to transfer AED 10 to a recipient with the number 055XXXXXX5, customers can simply dial 121055XXXXXX510# and press the call button.

Points to Note

Transfer Limits, Charges, and Eligibility

While DU Credit Transfer is designed for ease and convenience, there are certain considerations to bear in mind. There might be limits on the maximum amount you can transfer in a single transaction. Additionally, some nominal charges could apply based on the amount being transferred.

To ensure a smooth experience, it’s advisable to confirm these details beforehand. Moreover, the eligibility criteria for using this service might vary, so be sure to check if you meet the requirements.


DU Credit Transfer emerges as a bridge that keeps friends and family united. The ability to share credit effortlessly, coupled with DU’s steadfast network, creates an environment where staying connected is a breeze.

So, whether it’s a small gesture of kindness or a vital lifeline during emergencies, the DU Credit Transfer service stands as a testament to the power of technology that brings people closer, one credit transfer at a time.


  1. Is there a maximum limit for credit transfer? Yes, there might be a maximum limit set for credit transfer in a single transaction. It’s advisable to check with DU for the specific limit.
  2. Are there any charges for using the Transfer Credit DU service? Yes, there could be nominal charges associated with transferring credit. The charges might vary based on the amount being transferred.
  3. Can I transfer credit from a postpaid to a prepaid DU account? DU Transfer Credit is typically designed for prepaid accounts within the DU network. Transferring credit from postpaid to prepaid might not be supported.
  4. What happens if I enter the wrong recipient number during the transfer? Accuracy is crucial. If you enter the wrong recipient number, the credit transfer could go to the unintended recipient. It’s important to double-check before confirming.
  5. Is the credit transfer process instant? Yes, once you confirm the transfer, the credit should be transferred almost instantly to the recipient’s account, ensuring seamless connectivity.

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