Easy and Quick DU Toll-Free Number Portability Process

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Easy and Quick DU Toll-Free Number Portability Process

What is the DU Toll-Free Number Portability

DU Toll-Free Number Portability (TFNP) is a service by DU to facilitate the seamless transfer of your active 800 Toll-Free number from one telecom operator to another, without changing the number itself. This means you can transition from your current operator to a new one while keeping the same toll-free number intact.

With TFNP, the new operator will apply the charges, both monthly and usage-related, while the number mapping and termination remain unaffected.

DU Toll-Free Number Portability
DU Toll-Free Number Portability

Toll-Free 800 Number Portability guarantees comprehensive coverage for your business requirements, ensuring your customers can effortlessly connect with you by dialing a number associated with your business name.

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Why Consider Switching Your Toll-Free 800 Number to DU?

Choosing to switch your toll-free 800 number to DU comes with several benefits. DU provide an attractive rate plan without activation or monthly charges (with a minimum usage of AED 100). Customer usage is billed on a per-second basis, maintaining a business-as-usual approach.

Rate Plans Comparison

Rate Plan Mapping Number: Etisalat Mapping Number: DU
Local Origination 0.15 0.05
National Origination 0.15 0.09
Mobile Origination 0.15 0.15
Mapping Number Change 300 300

Porting Your 800 Number from Etisalat to DU

Eligibility: To port-in your 800 number, ensure it is active.

Sales Channels: DU Toll-Free Number Portability is accessible through all du Omni Channels, designed specifically for corporate sales (not applicable for MPR).

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Documentation Required:

  • Completed Toll-Free Service 800 porting application form, signed by the authorized signatory.
  • Valid trade license (stamped and signed e-copy).
  • Valid establishment card (stamped and signed e-copy).
  • Authorized signatory’s valid passport with visa or Emirates ID.

Porting Timeframe: The process of switching operators can take up to 5 working days.

Service Disruption During Port-In: Yes, there might be a minor downtime during the port-in process.

Porting Charges: Porting in your existing 800 toll-free number to DU incurs no charges. Following the port-in, regular charges apply based on the 800 rate plan and monthly usage.

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Have Questions?

If you are considering porting your Toll-Free number to DU, you can reach out through email at 800portingRequest@du.ae. Moreover, you have the option to connect with your designated account manager or visit the DU website for further details.

To explore DU’s Managed International Toll-Free Service, you can get in touch with their managed services team at managedservices@du.ae. For any other inquiries about DU’s services, feel free to contact their DU customer service team by phone at +97 180 0155.

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