Sharjah Parking SMS 2023 (Number, Format and Fee)

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SMS Parking Format Sharjah

Sharjah Parking SMS – Hello, all! Today, we’re going to chat about something that sounds a tad mundane but is actually quite genius: the Sharjah Parking SMS system.

If you’re new to the Sharjah scene, or just a curious cat, this system is an ingenious way the city of Sharjah has made parking payment easier than ever. And by the end of this read, you’ll be a pro at it!

What is Sharjah Parking SMS?

The Sharjah Parking SMS service is a tech-savvy solution launched by the Sharjah Municipality to simplify the parking payment process. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s as easy as sending a text message to your pals. Say goodbye to hunting down a parking meter and scrambling for change.

Instead of purchasing a physical parking ticket or using a parking meter, drivers can send an SMS with their vehicle registration number to a designated number, and the parking fee will be deducted from their mobile phone balance or added to their monthly phone bill. service, you can pay for your parking spot straight from your phone, wherever you are!

The service is available for on-street and off-street parking in designated areas and zones within Sharjah, and it provides drivers with a convenient and hassle-free way to pay for parking without the need for cash or a physical ticket. It also allows drivers to extend their parking time remotely without the need to return to their vehicle or find a parking meter.

Sharjah Parking SMS

How To Use It and What Number?

Ready for a step-by-step guide to becoming a parking SMS guru? Here we go!

First off, find your perfect parking spot. Just like hunting for the perfect pair of shoes, it might take some time, but you’ll eventually find ‘the one’.

Once you’ve parked, check for the zone number. This can usually be found on nearby signage. Each parking area in Sharjah has a unique zone number, and you’re going to need it.

The service is available for UAE-based mobile numbers like Du, Etisalat and Virgin Mobile Network. So, it’s worth checking if the service can be accessed with a non-UAE number if you’re visiting from abroad.

Whip out your phone, and get ready to send an SMS to 5566 and make sure you have enough balance to send an SMS, it will costs 38 fills. But wait, what to type? Read on to find out.

SMS Format

The SMS should be formatted in this order: Plate source (shj) <space> plate number (xxxx) <space> number of hours

So, here is the example if your plate number is 12345, and you’re parking for 2 hours, your SMS would look like this: shj 12345 2 for a 2 hour reservation and send it to 5566.

In Addition, if you want to receive the message in Arabic, you just add A in the front of the format.

Easy peasy, right?

Parking Service Fees

The service fee for using the Sharjah Parking SMS system is pretty pocket-friendly. There is a nominal fee of AED 2 for one hours and 12 AED for 5 hours. And here are the complete fees of Sharjah Parking SMS.

  • 2.38 AED for 1 hour.
  • 5.38 AED for 2 hours.
  • 8.38 AED for 3 hours.
  • 12.38 AED for 5 hour.

Remember, fees might vary or change, so always check the latest on the Sharjah Municipality’s official website or app. Happy parking!

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Final Words

The Sharjah Parking SMS service is a fantastic, tech-savvy solution for hassle-free parking payment. It saves time, and it’s as simple as sending a text message. Just send an SMS to 5566 with your plate category, plate number, zone number, and parking duration in hours.

So, the next time you’re in Sharjah, give the Parking SMS service a go! It’s a neat, convenient way to handle parking, giving you more time to enjoy all that Sharjah has to offer.

And that, my friends, is the end of our deep dive into the Sharjah Parking SMS system. Happy parking, and remember – no more fumbling for change at the parking meter!


Q: How do I register for the Parking SMS service in Sharjah?

A: Registration is easy as pie. Just visit the Sharjah Municipality’s official website or download their mobile app, and follow the instructions.

Q: What happens if I overstay my parking duration?

A: If your parking time expires, your vehicle might be subjected to a fine. But don’t worry! The system sends a reminder SMS 10 minutes before your time expires.

Q: How do I extend my parking time?

A: Simply send another SMS following the same format as before. The new time will be added to your existing duration.

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