20+ UAE Phone Number Example and Format Guide

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UAE Phone Number Example

UAE Phone Number Example

If you’ve ever wondered about the intricacies of dialing a number in the United Arab Emirates, you’ve come to the right place.

Understanding the correct format and structure of UAE phone numbers is essential, whether you’re a resident or planning to make a call to this vibrant country.

UAE phone numbers follow a specific format that consists of a series of digits. Each digit holds significance and contributes to the overall identification of the number.

It’s important to know this format because it helps ensure your calls are connected accurately and efficiently. Plus, having a grasp of UAE phone numbers empowers you to navigate the telecommunication landscape with confidence.

UAE Phone Number Format

Let’s dive into the standard format for UAE phone numbers. Typically, a UAE phone number consists of a total of digits, usually ranging from a certain minimum to a maximum number of digits.

The format usually begins with a country code, which for the UAE is +971.

This code ensures that the call is directed to the correct country. Following the country code, there is a series of digits that represent the specific area or region code within the UAE.

To give you a better understanding, let’s look at an example: +971 50 123 4567.

In this example, the country code is +971, indicating that the call is intended for the UAE.

The following two digits, ‘50‘, represent the mobile network operator code, which identifies the specific mobile network provider.

The remaining digits, ‘123 4567‘, form the individual subscriber number.

Each part of the number plays a vital role in ensuring a call reaches its intended recipient.

Understanding the format distinction between mobile and landline numbers can be helpful when dialing or recognizing the type of number you’re dealing with.

Whether it’s a mobile number for on-the-go communication or a landline number for more stationary connections, knowing the format ensures smoother interactions.

UAE Mobile Network Operator Codes

Here are some examples of UAE mobile network operator codes:

1. Etisalat Network Operator Code:

  • GSM: 424 02
  • 3G: 424 03
  • 4G/LTE: 424 04

2. du Network Operator Code:

  • GSM: 422 02
  • 3G: 422 03
  • 4G/LTE: 422 04

3. Virgin Mobile Network Operator Code:

  • GSM: 422 03
  • 3G: 422 05
  • 4G/LTE: 422 50

4. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) Network Operator Code:

  • GSM: 424 03
  • 3G: 424 05
  • 4G/LTE: 424 14

5. Thuraya Network Operator Code:

  • Satellite: 421 01

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20+ UAE Phone Number Examples

Here are more than twenty examples of UAE phone numbers along with the organization or company they could be associated with:

  1. +971 4 567 8901 – Phone number for “Ocean View Hotel” in Dubai.
  2. +971 4 567 8901 – Landline number for “Golden Sands Hotel” in Dubai.
  3. +971 50 123 4567 – Phone number example for “Express Courier Services” for parcel deliveries.
  4. +971 2 987 6543 – Landline number example for the “Abu Dhabi Police Department.”
  5. +971 56 789 0123 – Mobile number for “Glamour Hair Salon” in Sharjah.
  6. +971 3 456 7890 – Landline number for “Green Valley Supermarket” in Al Ain.
  7. +971 55 234 5678 – Mobile number example for “TechZone Electronics” retail store.
  8. +971 6 789 0123 – Landline number for “Al Zahra Hospital” in Ajman.
  9. +971 52 345 6789 – Mobile number for “Style and Trends Boutique” in Ras Al Khaimah.
  10. +971 9 012 3456 – Landline number for “Al Murooj Real Estate” in Umm Al Quwain.
  11. +971 58 901 2345 – Mobile number for “Pets Paradise Veterinary Clinic” in Fujairah.
  12. +971 4 567 8902 – Landline number for “Sunshine Travel Agency” in Dubai.
  13. +971 50 123 4568 – Mobile number example for “Gourmet Delights Catering” for event services.
  14. +971 2 987 6544 – Landline number example for the “Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority.”
  15. +971 56 789 0124 – Mobile number for “Fit and Fab Gym” in Sharjah.
  16. +971 3 456 7891 – Landline number for “Green Thumb Nursery” in Al Ain.
  17. +971 55 234 5679 – Mobile number for “Tech Support Solutions” for IT assistance.
  18. +971 6 789 0124 – Landline number for “Al Majestic Mall” customer service in Ajman.
  19. +971 52 345 6790 – Mobile number for “Bellezza Beauty Salon” in Ras Al Khaimah.
  20. +971 9 012 3457 – Landline number for “Al Noor Real Estate” in Umm Al Quwain.
  21. +971 58 901 2346 – Mobile number for “Dr. Paws Veterinary Clinic” in Fujairah.

Validating UAE Phone Numbers

Validating UAE phone numbers is crucial to ensure that you have the correct number before making a call or sending a message.

Thankfully, there are various techniques and tools available to help you validate UAE phone numbers effortlessly. One common method is to use online phone number validation services. These services can verify if a number adheres to the correct UAE phone number format and is currently in use.

To validate a UAE phone number, you can also use the rules and guidelines provided by telecommunication authorities.

They outline the specific criteria that a phone number must meet to be considered valid. Additionally, you can double-check the number by cross-referencing it with official directories or contacting the intended recipient directly.

By validating UAE phone numbers, you can avoid the frustration of dialing the wrong number or experiencing connection issues. It ensures that your communication efforts are smooth and efficient, saving you time and avoiding potential misunderstandings.

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UAE Dialing Code Example (Landline)

When it comes to dialing a UAE phone number, understanding the dialing code is essential. The dialing code for the United Arab Emirates is +971. This code acts as a unique identifier for the country and ensures that your call is directed to the correct destination.

Whether you’re making a local call within the UAE or an international call from abroad, knowing how to properly use the dialing code is crucial. When making a local call within the UAE, you simply need to dial the relevant area or region code followed by the individual subscriber number.

For example, if you’re in Dubai and want to call a number with the local code ’04’, you would dial ’04’ followed by the subscriber number.

Here is a list of complete UAE dialing codes for various regions and cities:

  1. Abu Dhabi: +971 2
  2. Dubai: +971 4
  3. Sharjah: +971 6
  4. Ajman: +971 6
  5. Umm Al Quwain: +971 6
  6. Ras Al Khaimah: +971 7
  7. Fujairah: +971 9
  8. Al Ain: +971 3


Congratulations! You’ve now gained a comprehensive understanding of UAE phone numbers, their format, structure, and validation. By familiarizing yourself with the correct format and following the guidelines, you can ensure accurate dialing and smooth communication experiences.

Remember, UAE phone numbers consist of a country code, area or region code, and an individual subscriber number. Each part serves a specific purpose in connecting calls effectively. Validating phone numbers helps confirm their accuracy and saves you from potential dialing mishaps.

So, whether you’re making local calls within the UAE or reaching out internationally, armed with the knowledge of UAE phone number example and format, you’re well-equipped to connect with friends, family, or business contacts effortlessly. Enjoy seamless communication in the vibrant and dynamic country of the United Arab Emirates!

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