ADIB Al Ain Branch: Location, Contact number & Working time

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Are you on vacation or working in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates? There, in Al Ain, resides a rich historical past. But there’s no need for concern.

Visit the ADIB Al Ain Branch if you need ADIB banking services while you’re there. We will talk about the ADIB Al Ain Branch services, location, hours of operation, and other details today.

ADIB Al Ain Branch

One of the major financial institutions in Al Ain, which is part of the United Arab Emirates’ emirate of Abu Dhabi, is the ADIB Al Ain Branch.

In addition to offering a range of financial services, the branch prioritizes services for older and motivated individuals.

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ADIB Al Ain Branch

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Location, Contact number & Working time

Zayed ibn Sultan: This street is part of the Central District, which is home to several establishments, including shops, restaurants, and banks. The ADIB Al Ain Branch, which is situated in the Central District of Abu Dhabi, is one of the businesses on Zayed Ibn Sultan Street. Customers will find the location easily accessible since it has convenient access facilities and is accessible by public transit.

ADIB Al Ain - loc

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Location & Contact Number

Monday:09.00 - 13.00
Tuesday:09.00 - 13.00
Wednesday:09.00 - 13.00
Thursday:09.00 - 13.00
Friday:09.00 - 12.00
Saturday:09.00 - 13.00

Working hours

Location Branch :Zayed ibn Sultan - Central District - Abu Dhabi - Uni Emirate Arab
Contact number :+971600543216
Location maps:Google Maps Branch

Public Transportation

Locating parking spaces in Al Ain Central District poses no significant challenge for residents. With a low urban density, the area offers numerous available parking spaces for both residents and visitors.

If residents in Central District Al Ain are using public transportation, they should allow them at least 27 minutes to get to bus stations if they want to walk there.

This applies only to the closest bus stop, which is the Al Madina Petrol Station bus stop. Walking from all other bus stations will take at least 39 minutes. Therefore, calling for a cab and having it take you to these bus stations may be more sensible.

The region is well-served by taxis and private automobiles, as Zayed Bin Sultan Street connects to the Central District. Khalid Bin Sultan Street, which leads to Industrial Areas, intersects Zayed Bin Sultan Street as well.


The following are some of the services provided at ADIB Al Ain Branch. However, please note that these services may be different or there may be changes, so you can contact the number listed above or confirm directly what services are provided here.

  • Online Support Banking : (Mobile banking, internet banking. SMS banking, Chat banking)
  • Safe deposit lockers
  • Smart teller
  • Remittances

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In conclusion, the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, one of the most innovative and well-known Islamic banks in the United Arab Emirates, includes the ADIB Al Ain Main Branch.

The Al Ain branch of Uni Emirat Arab, situated at Zayed ibn Sultan، – Central District – Abu Dhabi, provides a variety of banking services to its clientele.

The search results do not specifically list the services offered at the Al Ain branch, but in general, ADIB branches offer the following: mobile banking, internet banking, SMS banking, chat banking, safe deposit lockers, smart tellers, and priority service for senior citizens and people of determination.


What are the working hours of the branch?

The branch operates from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday to Thursday, and from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Fridays.

What services is the ADIB Al Ain Main Branch offering?

The search results do not specifically list the services offered at the Al Ain branch. ADIB branches, on the other hand, typically provide services like remittances, secure deposit storage units, smart teller machines, chat banking, SMS banking, internet banking, preferential service for senior citizens, and people of determination.

Is there public transportation available to the branch?

The nearest bus station to the branch is Zayed Ibn Sultan St 137 / Al Ain Bus Station, which can be reached by taking bus number 460 from Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station.

Does the branch have access to an ATM?

Indeed, there is an ATM at the branch that you can use.

Are there any upcoming changes to the branch’s working hours?

There are no upcoming changes to the branch’s working hours mentioned in the search results.

How can I contact the branch?

You can contact the branch at +971600543216.

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