Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa – Dubai

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Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa - Dubai

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa is a well-established and trusted local supermarket chain that has been serving the residents of Dubai for decades. With its commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket has become a household name in the city.

One of its prominent branches is located in Satwa, Dubai, catering to the diverse needs of the Satwa community.

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Satwa, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa contributes to the retail landscape, adding value to the community’s shopping experience.

With its competitive pricing, diverse selection, and commitment to customer service, the supermarket has become an integral part of Satwa’s vibrant shopping center.

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa
Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket continues to evolve and innovate, ensuring that customers receive the best shopping experience possible.

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa prioritizes the quality of its products, ensuring that customers have access to fresh produce and high-quality consumer goods.

The supermarket’s commitment to convenience is evident in its one-stop shop experience, offering a comprehensive range of household items and convenience store essentials.

Above all, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa places customer satisfaction at the core of its operations, aiming to exceed expectations and provide an enjoyable shopping experience.

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa Location

Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Satwa, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa stands as a cornerstone of the local shopping experience.

Satwa is known for its bustling shopping center, offering a wide range of retail stores and consumer goods.

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket has become an integral part of Satwa’s retail landscape, providing residents with a one-stop shop for their grocery and household needs.

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa Effect

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket holds significant importance for the Satwa community. It plays a vital role in meeting the everyday needs of the residents, ensuring access to quality products at affordable prices.

The supermarket serves as a hub for the Satwa community, fostering a sense of belonging and convenience for its customers. Baqer Mohebi Supermarket’s commitment to customer satisfaction has earned it a loyal customer base, making it a trusted local supermarket in Satwa.

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Branch Information

Address and Contact Details

The Baqer Mohebi Supermarket branch in Satwa is located at [Insert Address]. Customers can easily find the supermarket in the heart of Satwa, making it accessible to residents and visitors alike. For any inquiries or assistance, customers can reach the branch at [Insert Contact Details].

Working Hours

The supermarket operates from 7 am to 12 am, ensuring that customers have ample time to complete their shopping. The extended operating hours accommodate different schedules and make it convenient for customers to shop at their preferred time.

Day Opening Hours
Wednesday 7 AM–12 AM
Thursday 7 AM–12 AM
Friday 7 AM–12 AM
Saturday 7 AM–12 AM
Sunday 7 AM–12 AM
Monday 7 AM–12 AM
Tuesday 7 AM–12 AM

Please note that the opening hours on Tuesday (Islamic New Year) might differ from the regular hours.

Satwa as a Shopping Destination

Satwa’s Vibrant Shopping Center

Satwa is renowned for its vibrant shopping center, which attracts locals and tourists alike. The area is home to numerous retail stores, including Baqer Mohebi Supermarket, contributing to the diverse shopping experience in Satwa.

With its lively atmosphere and a wide range of options, Satwa’s shopping center continues to be a popular destination for shoppers.

Role of Baqer Mohebi Supermarket in Satwa’s Retail Landscape

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket holds a prominent position in Satwa’s retail landscape. As one of the well-established supermarkets in the area, it has become a go-to destination for the Satwa community.

By offering quality products, diverse selection, and excellent customer service, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket has significantly contributed to enhancing the shopping experience in Satwa Dubai.

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Product Offerings and Services

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa - Product offering
Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa – Product offering

Diverse Selection of Grocery Products

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket boasts a diverse selection of grocery products, catering to the varied preferences and tastes of its customers. From fresh produce to pantry essentials, the supermarket offers a wide range of options to fulfill every household’s requirements.

  1. Fresh Produce

The supermarket takes pride in offering fresh and high-quality produce sourced from reliable suppliers. Customers can find a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, and fish, ensuring that they have access to nutritious and flavorful ingredients for their meals.

  1. Household Items

In addition to grocery products, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket stocks a comprehensive range of household items. From cleaning supplies to kitchenware, customers can find everything they need to maintain a well-equipped and organized home.

  1. Convenience Store Essentials

The supermarket also caters to customers’ convenience store needs, stocking a selection of snacks, beverages, personal care products, and other essentials. This ensures that customers can conveniently find all their immediate requirements under one roof.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Focus on Providing High-Quality Products

At Baqer Mohebi Supermarket, quality is of utmost importance. The supermarket diligently selects its suppliers and products to ensure that only the best items reach its shelves.

By prioritizing quality, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket has gained the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Commitment to Customer Service

Apart from offering high-quality products, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket places great emphasis on customer service. The supermarket’s staff is trained to provide friendly and helpful assistance to customers, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience.

With a customer-centric approach, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket aims to exceed customer expectations and build long-lasting relationships.

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One-Stop Shop Experience

Wide Range of Consumer Goods

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket is a true one-stop shop for customers’ needs. Alongside its extensive grocery offerings, the supermarket also provides a diverse range of consumer goods.

From household items to personal care products, customers can conveniently find all their necessities in one place.

Convenience of Shopping for Various Needs

By offering a wide range of products, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket saves customers time and effort by eliminating the need to visit multiple stores.

Whether it’s shopping for groceries, household essentials, or personal care items, customers can find everything they require during a single visit to the supermarket.

Affordable Prices and Discounts

Competitive Pricing Strategy

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket adopts a competitive pricing strategy, ensuring that its products are affordably priced. The supermarket strives to strike a balance between quality and affordability, enabling customers to purchase their desired items without breaking the bank.

Dh1 Deals and Special Offers

To provide additional value to its customers, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket frequently offers Dh1 deals and special discounts on select products. These promotions allow customers to enjoy even greater savings while experiencing the supermarket’s diverse range of offerings.

Value for Money Shopping Experience

With its affordable prices and occasional special offers, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket provides customers with a value for money shopping experience.

The supermarket’s commitment to offering quality products at competitive prices ensures that customers can meet their needs while staying within their budget.

Legacy and History

The Story of Baqer Mohebi

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket has a rich history that spans several decades. The story began with humble beginnings on Dubai Creek, where the Mohebi family laid the foundation for what would later become a successful business empire.

The commitment to excellence and dedication to serving the community formed the pillars of Baqer Mohebi’s journey.

Humble Beginnings on Dubai Creek

The Mohebi family’s journey started with a small grocery store on Dubai Creek. Through hard work and perseverance, they built a reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. This dedication laid the groundwork for the supermarket chain’s future success.

Growth into a Family-Owned Business Empire

Over the years, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket expanded its operations and grew into a family-owned business empire. With a focus on meeting customer needs and staying true to their values, the Mohebi family successfully built a trusted brand that resonates with the Dubai community.

Zainal Mohebi’s Contribution

Taking the Business to New Heights

Zainal Mohebi, a visionary leader, played a pivotal role in taking the business to new heights. Under his guidance, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket expanded its reach, opening multiple branches across Dubai.

Zainal Mohebi’s strategic vision and dedication to excellence transformed the supermarket into a household name.

Visionary Leadership and Innovations

Zainal Mohebi’s leadership was characterized by his commitment to innovation and adapting to the changing needs of the market.

By embracing technological advancements and implementing modern retail practices, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket has remained at the forefront of the industry, providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

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Baqer Mohebi Supermarket Satwa stands as a trusted local supermarket in Satwa Dubai, serving the community with its commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction.

With its diverse selection of grocery products, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service, the supermarket has become a go-to destination for residents of Satwa and beyond.


What is the address of Baqer Mohebi Supermarket’s Satwa branch?

The address of Baqer Mohebi Supermarket’s Satwa branch is 182 Al Mankhool Rd – Al Hudaiba – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Who is the visionary leader behind Baqer Mohebi Supermarket’s success?

Zainal Mohebi, a visionary leader, played a pivotal role in the success of Baqer Mohebi Supermarket.

What makes Baqer Mohebi Supermarket a trusted local supermarket?

Baqer Mohebi Supermarket is trusted for its commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction, providing customers with a wide selection of high-quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience.

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