How to change language in DU voicemail?


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How to change language in DU voicemail

Changing the language in your DU voicemail can be a helpful customization, especially if you’re more comfortable with a language other than the default. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to change language in DU voicemail.

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Change Language in DU Voicemail

Change Language in DU Voicemail
Change Language in DU Voicemail
  1. Dial 163: Begin by dialing 163 from your DU mobile phone. This will take you to the main menu for voicemail settings.
  2. Access Voicemail Settings: Follow the voice prompts to access the voicemail settings menu. You may be required to enter your voicemail PIN to proceed.
  3. Language Options: Once you’re in the voicemail settings menu, listen carefully for an option related to language preferences. It’s often labeled as “Language” or “Language Settings.”
  4. Select Your Preferred Language: Choose your desired language from the available options. DU voicemail typically offers a variety of languages to cater to diverse user preferences.
  5. Confirm Your Selection: After selecting your preferred language, the system will typically ask you to confirm your choice. Confirm to save the language change.
  6. Exit and Save: Complete the process by following the prompts to exit the voicemail settings menu. Your language preference will be saved, and your voicemail system will now use the selected language.

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Additional Tips

  • Change Language Anytime: You can change the language settings in your DU voicemail at any time by following these steps. If you ever want to switch to a different language, simply repeat the process.
  • Voicemail PIN: If you don’t remember your voicemail PIN or need to reset it, you can typically do so within the voicemail settings menu. Follow the prompts for PIN-related options.
  • Test Your Voicemail: After changing the language, it’s a good idea to leave yourself a test voicemail message to ensure everything is set up correctly in your preferred language.

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Changing the language in your DU voicemail is a user-friendly process, allowing you to personalize your voicemail experience. Whether you’re more comfortable in your native language or simply prefer a different language, these steps will help you switch to the language of your choice. Stay connected in a way that suits you best with DU voicemail customization.

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