How to Deactivate DU Voicemail and Managing Missed Call Notifications


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How to Deactivate DU Voicemail and Managing Missed Call Notifications

Are you one of the many DU mobile users who received a free voicemail feature with your new iPhone, only to find that you don’t need it? You’re not alone! Deactivating DU voicemail may seem elusive, but it’s actually a straightforward process.

In this article, we’ll show you how to easily deactivate DU voicemail and manage missed call notifications.

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Deactivate DU Voicemail: The Quick Dial

If you’ve been frustrated trying to find information online about canceling DU voicemail, we’ve got you covered. The simplest way to deactivate DU voicemail is by dialing ##002# and pressing send on your mobile device. This action cancels all forwarding features related to your mobile, including voicemail settings and missed call SMS notifications.

Still Need Assistance? Call DU Hotline 155

In addition to the dialing method, you can also reach out to DU’s customer support hotline at 155 for assistance. They are there to help you with any voicemail-related queries or issues.

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Managing Missed Call Notifications

Sometimes, you might want to customize your missed call notifications. Here’s how you can activate or deactivate them based on different conditions:

Activating Missed Call Notifications

  1. Not Reachable Condition: Dial **62*163# and press “OK.”
  2. Busy Condition: Dial **67*163# and press “OK.”
  3. All Calls: Dial **21*163# and press “OK.” (With this option active, you will only receive missed call notifications via SMS, and no incoming calls will be received.)

Deactivating Missed Call Notifications

If you wish to deactivate missed call notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Open your handset’s Call Settings.
  2. Navigate to Call Forwarding.
  3. In this menu, you can manually deactivate missed call notifications based on your phone’s settings.

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Deactivating DU voicemail and managing missed call notifications is a breeze with these simple steps. Whether you prefer the quick dialing method or a more customized approach, you now have the tools to take control of your mobile experience. Say goodbye to unwanted voicemail and hello to a more tailored communication setup.

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