DU Landline: A Reliable Connection for Homes and Businesses


DU Landline A Reliable Connection for Homes and Businesses

In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a reliable landline connection for your home or business is still crucial. DU, a leading telecommunications provider in the United Arab Emirates, offers a range of landline services designed to meet your communication needs.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and features of DU landline subscriptions to help you make an informed choice for your connectivity needs.

What is DU Landline?

DU Landline, offered by EITC DU, is a dependable fixed-line telephone service. This service not only allows free landline calls within the UAE but also offers complimentary local landline calling.

Beyond standard calling, DU Landline offers a range of services, including carrier services, a data hub, internet exchange facilities, and satellite services tailored for broadcasters. With DU Landline, users can seamlessly connect with both landline numbers and mobile phones.

Additionally, DU provides the flexibility of adding an unlimited number of landlines and extensions, with each new subscription including a new phone number and a dedicated handset.

DU Landline
DU Landline

Benefits of DU Landline Subscriptions

When you subscribe to DU’s landline services, you gain access to several key benefits:

  • Pay by the Second: With DU landline, you only pay for what you use. This means you won’t be charged a flat rate for your calls; instead, charges are calculated by the second, ensuring that you get the most value out of your subscription.
  • Flexible Plans: When subscribing to the landline service, you have a choice between two rate plans: the Landline 24×7 plan or the Homephone plan (available in both Postpaid and Prepaid options).
  • Enhanced Features: Additionally, you have the option to include Advanced Voice Add-On Features (optional) to tailor your landline service to your specific needs.

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DU Landline Plans and Charges

Landline 24×7 Plan

This plan provides you with cost-effective call rates, including free calls to national landlines and competitive rates for national mobiles and non-geographical numbers. International call charges vary based on the destination, and usage is subject to a fair usage policy.

Type of chargeCharge per second
Calls to national landline*Free
Calls to national mobiles0.5 fils / sec
Calls to non-geographical numbers such as 400, 500, 600 and short codes0.25 fils / sec
International callsOff Peak 24 / 7 Charges depend on the destination
  • Fair Usage Policy: Usage is subject to a fair usage policy. If you exceed the monthly limit of 2,000 minutes, standard rates may apply.
  • Excess Charges: National landline calls beyond 2,000 minutes are charged at 0.25 fils per second.
  • Special Locations: Call charges after consuming 2,000 minutes in Jebel Ali and Hatta are set at 9 fils per minute or 0.0015 fils per second. This applies to national landline calls in various key locations across the UAE.

Home Phone Plan (Postpaid and Prepaid)

With the Homephone plan, you enjoy fixed rates for national calls, making it ideal for both residential and business use. International call rates differ between peak and off-peak hours and are valid for 189 countries.

National Calls
Calls to landline0.3 fils / second (18 fils / min) all day long, every day
Calls to mobile0.6 fils / second (36 fils / min) all day long, every day
National callsFree
International Calls
Week days9:00am – 9:00pm (peak)9:00pm – 9:00am (Off peak)
Saturday - Thursday3.0 fils / second* (1.80 AED / minute)1 fils / second (0.60 AED / minute)
Friday1.5 fils / second (0.90 AED / min)
  • Wide Reach: International calls through DU Landline are available for connections to 189 countries, ensuring global connectivity.
  • Fair Usage Policy: To maintain quality service, usage is subject to a fair usage policy. If you exceed the monthly limit of 2,000 minutes, standard rates may apply.
  • Special Locations: For calls made from Jebel Ali and Hatta after surpassing 2,000 minutes, charges are set at 09 fils per minute or 0.0015 fils per second, offering cost transparency.

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Advanced Voice Add-On Features

DU offers a range of advanced voice features to enhance your landline experience. These features include:

Free VAS (Value-Added Services):

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Return Last Missed Call
  • Ring Back When Free

Chargeable VAS:

  • Call Barring Incoming/Outgoing
  • Call Forward
  • Caller Line ID (CID)
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Party Call Conference

Please note that chargeable VAS services come with a one-off fee of AED 50 and a monthly fee of AED 20.

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How to Subscribe

To subscribe DU Landline service, you can easily follow these steps:

  1. Begin by visiting DU’s official website or contacting DU customer service center to explore the available packages and promotions.
  2. Select the package that aligns with your specific requirements and financial considerations.
  3. Complete the registration process by furnishing the necessary documents, which typically include your Emirates ID, passport, and visa.
  4. Arrange a convenient appointment for the installation of your landline service.
  5. Make the requisite payments, covering the installation fee and the monthly subscription charges.

Alternatively, you have the option to visit a DU store or an authorized reseller in person to initiate your DU Landline service subscription. Remember that if you require additional landlines, each new one will involve a distinct subscription, a unique phone number, and an accompanying handset.\

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Here are the most frequently asked question

Can I use one landline number in two different rooms as a parallel line?

Yes, you can use the same landline number in two different rooms, but you cannot use them simultaneously.

What is “Ring Back When Free” for landlines?

This feature allows you to automatically redial a number when the person you’re trying to call is engaged with another call. Simply press ‘5’ after calling, and the system will notify you once the line is free.

What is Call Forward in Landline Service?

Call Forward lets you divert your calls to another phone number, whether it’s a mobile, home, or business number, inside or outside the UAE. There are three types of call forwarding options based on your preferences.

What is Call Barring with Landlines?

Call Barring allows you to block incoming and outgoing calls based on your preferences. You can choose to bar all calls, national and international calls, or just international calls, depending on your needs.

How many landline services can I use in my apartment?

You can have multiple landline services in your apartment, depending on the number of available sockets. DU offers additional landlines without activation or installation charges.

Where to find Land DM No/Municipal No for Home service orders?

You can find the Land DM No/Municipal No for home service orders on your Ejari contract or Title Deed. Follow the provided guidance to locate and use this identification number.

What is Return Last Missed Call for landlines?

This feature allows you to easily return a missed call by hearing an announcement confirming the caller’s telephone number and the date and time of the call. You can press a designated code to dial the number without hearing the announcement.

How will I know the status of my FNL activation?

The activation process involves several stages, including order received, order confirmation, and installation & service activation. DU will keep you informed through SMS and email messages at each stage, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


DU’s landline services are designed to provide you with affordable, reliable, and feature-rich communication options for your home or business. Whether you need a cost-effective calling plan or advanced voice features, DU has you covered. Stay connected with DU landline, where convenience meets value.


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