Du Music Pass 15 & 20 AED | Unlimited Music Package


Du Music Pass 15 & 20 AED - Unlimited Music Package

In this digital age, music has become an essential part of our lives. We all love to groove to our favorite tunes and discover new tracks that resonate with our emotions.

To cater to our music needs and deliver an unmatched musical experience, DU, a leading telecommunications provider, has introduced the DU Music Pass.

This innovative offering aims to bring music enthusiasts a seamless and unlimited music journey, packed with exciting features and benefits.

What is Du Music Pass?

DU Music Pass is a subscription-based service that allows users to access a vast library of music from various genres, artists, and languages. It enables subscribers to stream their favorite tracks without any interruptions from pesky ads.

The DU Music Pass opens up a world of musical possibilities and offers an immersive experience that caters to the preferences of every listener.

  • DU Music Package offers an exclusive data bundle that grants you unlimited access to Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, Soundcloud, and Saavn without utilizing your regular data plan.
  • By subscribing to this pass, all data usage for music streaming from these popular apps is exempted from your normal data allocation.
  • The Music Pass is compatible with both the Flexi Prepaid Plan and Easy Prepaid Plan, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted music streaming with ease.

Benefits of Du Music Pass

  • Unlimited Access: With DU Music Pass, users get unlimited access to an extensive collection of songs, albums, and playlists from around the globe. Whether you’re into the latest chart-toppers or prefer classic melodies, there’s something for everyone.
  • Ad-Free Experience: One of the most significant advantages of DU Music Pass is the ad-free music streaming. Say goodbye to those annoying ads that disrupt your musical journey and immerse yourself in uninterrupted melodies.
  • Curated Playlists: DU Music Pass comes with expertly curated playlists to suit different moods and occasions. Whether you need a playlist for your morning workout or a relaxing evening, the DU Music Package has you covered.

Du Music Pass Pricing

DU Music Pass offers two attractive packages to cater to diverse user preferences and budgets. Let’s delve into the details of each package:

Du Music Pass 15 & 20 AED - Unlimited Music Package
Du Music Pass 15 & 20 AED – Unlimited Music Package

Du Music Pass 15 AED Package

  1. Features and Inclusions
    • Unlimited Music Streaming: Enjoy seamless access to millions of songs without any limitations.
    • Curated Playlists: Discover playlists tailored to your taste and mood.
    • Offline Listening: Download your favorite tracks and listen to them offline.
  2. Pricing Details The Du Music Pass 15 AED Package is available for just 15 AED per month, making it an affordable option for music lovers.
  3. How to Subscribe
    • Via DU Website: Visit the DU website and navigate to the Music Pass section. Follow the simple instructions to subscribe to the 15 AED package.
    • Through DU Mobile App: Download the DU mobile app, sign in or create an account, and select the Music Pass option to subscribe.
  4. Payment Options
    • Credit/Debit Card: Make hassle-free payments using your preferred credit or debit card.
    • Mobile Wallet: Use your digital wallet to subscribe conveniently.

Du Music Pass 20 AED Package

  1. Features and Inclusions
    • All the features of the 15 AED package.
    • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy music without interruptions from advertisements.
  2. Pricing Details The Du Music Pass 20 AED Package is available for just 20 AED per month, offering additional benefits at a reasonable cost.
  3. How to Subscribe
    • Via DU Website: Follow the same subscription process as the 15 AED package on the DU website.
    • Through DU Mobile App: Subscribe to the 20 AED package through the DU mobile app.
  4. Payment Options
    • Credit/Debit Card: Conveniently pay using your credit or debit card.
    • Mobile Wallet: Use your preferred digital wallet for quick payments.
  5. Ad-Free Experience: Subscribers to the Du Music Pass 20 AED package get to enjoy an uninterrupted music streaming experience without any ads. This ensures that you can immerse yourself in your favorite music without any interruptions.

Du Music Package Comparison

Choosing the right package that aligns with your music preferences and requirements is essential. Let’s compare the two packages to help you make an informed decision:

Du Music Pass 15 AED vs. Du Music Pass 20 AED

Both packages offer unlimited music streaming, curated playlists, and offline listening, which are appealing to any music lover.¬†Here’s a detailed table comparing Du Music Pass 15 AED and Du Music Pass 20 AED:

FeaturesDu Music Pass 15 AEDDu Music Pass 20 AED
Unlimited MusicEnjoy seamless access to millions of songs.Enjoy seamless access to millions of songs.
Curated PlaylistsDiscover expertly crafted playlists for various moods and occasions.Discover expertly crafted playlists for various moods and occasions.
Ad-Free ExperienceNo interruptions from ads during music streaming.Enjoy an ad-free music experience.
Offline ListeningDownload your favorite tracks for offline listening.Download your favorite tracks for offline listening.
Pricing15 AED per month.20 AED per month.

Which Package to Choose?

  • If you are looking for an affordable music streaming option that provides access to an extensive music library, curated playlists, and the ability to download songs for offline listening, Du Music Pass 15 AED is a great choice.
  • On the other hand, if you value an ad-free music experience and are willing to pay a slightly higher price for it, Du Music Pass 20 AED offers an ad-free streaming experience along with all the features of the 15 AED package.

Ultimately, the choice between Du Music Pass 15 AED and Du Music Pass 20 AED depends on your preferences and budget.

Both packages offer an excellent selection of music and a seamless music streaming experience, ensuring that you can harmonize your playlist and enjoy your favorite tunes to the fullest.

Unlimited Music Access

A. Extensive Music Library

Unlimited Music Access, in the context of DU Music Package, refers to the vast and diverse music library that subscribers can explore without any restrictions. It is a treasure trove of songs, albums, and tracks from various genres, artists, and languages.

The extensive music library ensures that users have access to millions of songs, spanning from the latest chart-toppers to timeless classics.

With an extensive music library, subscribers can discover new artists, explore different musical styles, and indulge in their favorite tracks from around the world.

Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, hip-hop, classical, jazz, or any other genre, the DU Music Package offers a rich selection to cater to the musical preferences of every listener.

B. Curated Playlists

Unlimited Music Access also includes access to expertly curated playlists. These playlists are thoughtfully crafted to suit various moods, occasions, and themes.

Music experts and enthusiasts curate these playlists, ensuring that they feature a perfect blend of songs that resonate with specific emotions or activities.

For example, subscribers can find playlists tailored for relaxation, workout sessions, road trips, party nights, and more.

The curated playlists eliminate the need for users to spend time creating their own lists, as they can simply choose from a wide range of pre-made collections that perfectly match their mood or activity.

The availability of curated playlists adds convenience and variety to the musical journey of DU Music Package subscribers, allowing them to explore new tracks and genres effortlessly.

C. Ad-free Music Experience

Unlimited Music Access with DU Music Package provides subscribers with an ad-free music streaming experience.

Unlike free music streaming platforms that often interrupt the listening experience with advertisements, DU Music Package ensures that users can enjoy their favorite tunes without any disruptions.

The ad-free music experience allows for a seamless and uninterrupted flow of music. Whether you’re listening to your favorite album, exploring a playlist, or enjoying a mix of genres, there won’t be any intrusive ads to break the immersion.

The absence of ads contributes to a more enjoyable and immersive musical journey. It allows users to fully immerse themselves in the melodies, lyrics, and emotions conveyed by the music without any distractions.

Offline Listening

A. Downloading Music for Offline Listening

Offline listening is a feature of Du Music Pass that allows subscribers to download their favorite songs, albums, and playlists directly to their devices.

This means that users can store their preferred music locally on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, enabling them to listen to the downloaded content without requiring an internet connection.

The process of downloading music for offline listening is simple and user-friendly. Subscribers can access the Du Music Pass app or website, browse the extensive music library, and select the songs or playlists they wish to download.

Once the download is complete, the content is stored on the device’s memory, making it readily accessible even when there is no internet connectivity.

B. Enjoying Music on the Go

One of the main advantages of offline listening is the ability to enjoy music on the go, regardless of internet availability.

Whether you’re traveling to a remote location with limited connectivity, commuting on public transportation, or going for a run in areas with weak network signals, you can still relish your favorite tunes without interruptions.

By having the music downloaded and readily available on the device, users can listen to their personalized playlists, albums, or tracks without relying on mobile data or Wi-Fi.

This makes offline listening a practical and convenient solution for individuals who are constantly on the move or find themselves in areas with inconsistent internet access.

Moreover, offline listening offers added benefits in terms of data conservation. By downloading the music in advance, users can avoid excessive data consumption while streaming, making it a cost-effective option for those with limited data plans.

Du Music Pass Compatibility

A. Supported Devices

Du Music Pass is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of users.

Whether you prefer to listen to music on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, DU Music Package ensures a seamless music streaming experience across various platforms.

The supported devices include:

  1. Smartphones: Both Android and iOS smartphones are supported, allowing users with different mobile operating systems to access the Du Music Pass app and its features.
  2. Tablets: DU Music Package is optimized for tablet devices, providing an equally enjoyable experience on larger screens.
  3. Laptops: Users can access Du Music Pass on their laptops, giving them the flexibility to enjoy music on a bigger screen while working or relaxing.
  4. Desktop Computers: For those who prefer to listen to music from their desktop computers, Du Music Pass is accessible via web browsers, making it convenient to stream music directly from the website.

B. Supported Music Apps

In addition to the standalone Du Music Pass app, Du Music Pass also offers integration with various popular music apps.

This integration enhances the accessibility and convenience of the music streaming experience, allowing users to use their preferred music apps in conjunction with DU Music Package.

Some of the supported music apps include:

  1. Spotify: Du Music Pass can seamlessly integrate with Spotify, enabling users to enjoy their favorite tracks from the vast Spotify library.
  2. Apple Music: Subscribers can also integrate Du Music Pass with Apple Music, gaining access to a wide range of music and exclusive content.
  3. Deezer: Du Music Pass provides compatibility with Deezer, giving users another option to explore and stream music.
  4. Anghami: As a popular music streaming platform in the Middle East, Anghami integration with Du Music Pass opens up a diverse collection of Arabic and international songs.

By supporting integration with these music apps, Du Music Pass offers users the freedom to choose their preferred platform for music discovery and streaming.

Whether you have an existing subscription to one of these apps or wish to explore different platforms, DU Music Package ensures a seamless experience by integrating with your chosen music app.


The DU Music Pass is a harmonious offering that brings the world of music to your fingertips. With its affordable pricing, unlimited access to a diverse music library, and an ad-free experience, it is the perfect companion for all music enthusiasts.

Whether you choose the 15 AED or 20 AED package, you’re sure to enjoy an immersive and melodious musical journey with DU Music Pass.


  1. Can I use DU Music Pass on multiple devices? Yes, you can use DU Music Pass on multiple devices as long as you log in with the same account credentials.
  2. Can I share my DU Music Pass subscription with family members? The DU Music Pass subscription is tied to a single account. However, you can enjoy the unlimited music experience on multiple devices using the same account.
  3. Is the DU Music Pass available for both new and existing DU customers? Yes, both new and existing DU customers can subscribe to the DU Music Pass and enjoy its benefits.
  4. Is the DU Music Pass available for prepaid and postpaid users? Yes, the DU Music Pass is available for both prepaid and postpaid users.
  5. Can I switch between the 15 AED and 20 AED packages? Yes, you can switch between the two packages at any time. Simply visit the DU website or mobile app, log in to your account, and select the desired package.
  6. Can I cancel my DU Music Pass subscription at any time? Yes, you can cancel your DU Music Pass subscription at any time without any penalties. Simply log in to your account and follow the cancellation process.
  7. Can I create my own playlists with DU Music Pass? Absolutely! DU Music Pass allows you to create and save your personalized playlists with your favorite tracks.
  8. Are there any restrictions on the number of songs I can download for offline listening? With DU Music Pass, you can download a generous number of songs for offline listening, depending on the available storage space on your device.
  9. Can I try the DU Music Pass before subscribing to a package? While DU may offer free trial periods occasionally, it’s best to check the DU website or mobile app for current offers and promotions.

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