UAE Visa Cancellation: How to Check Visa Cancellation Status

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How to Check Visa Cancellation Status

How to Check UAE Visa Cancellation Status in 2023 – Cancelling a UAE residency visa is a straightforward process, provided visa holders are not legally obligated to remain in the country.

Prior to initiating the cancellation procedure, it is advisable to settle all debts, utility bills, terminate rental agreements, and liquidate assets such as properties and vehicles.

By following these steps, individuals can streamline their cancellation process. In this article, we will delve into the requirements, documents, procedures, costs, and timelines associated with UAE visa cancellation.

UAE Visa Cancellation Requirements

To cancel a UAE residence visa, expatriates must rely on their sponsors, as they are the only ones authorized to initiate the cancellation process.

However, individuals holding investor visas have the autonomy to submit their own cancellation requests.

Employers must settle any outstanding salary, leave entitlements, gratuity, and provide an air ticket before canceling the work permit with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

How to Check Visa Cancellation Status
How to Check UAE Visa Cancellation Status in 2023

Required Documents for UAE Visa Cancellation

Applicants need to provide the following documents when applying for visa cancellation:

  1. Passport and Emirates ID
  2. Copies of the sponsor’s passport
  3. Clearance statement indicating the settlement of all financial liabilities
  4. Copy of the entry permit
  5. Cancellation or assignment of the trade license, in case of canceling a partner or investor’s residency
  6. Death certificate (within the country) or an official death certificate issued by relevant authorities (for deceased individuals outside the country).

Procedures for UAE Visa Cancellation (2023)

There are several avenues available to cancel a UAE visa:

1. ICP Website or App.

  • Visit the ICP website or download the ICP Smart App on Android or iPhone.
  • Locate the desired service and fill in the application details.
  • Pay the applicable service fee.

2. GDRFA Website or App.

  • Visit the GDRFA website or download the GDRFA-Dubai Smart App in Android or iPhone.
  • Register a new user account if necessary.
  • Select the required service and attach the requested documents.
  • Pay the relevant fees.
  • Submit the application.

3. AMER Centers.

  • Visit an AMER service center.
  • Approach the receptionist to select the desired service.
  • Submit the required documents to the service employee.
  • Pay the service fees.
  • Submit the application.

4. Typing Centers.

  • Locate the nearest Typing Center.
  • Obtain an automated ticket and wait for your turn.
  • Submit all the necessary documents to the employee.
  • Pay the service fee.

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Visa Cancellation Fee in UAE & Dubai

The UAE visa cancellation process incurs a fee ranging from AED 15 (USD 4.08) to AED 60 (USD 16.34), depending on the chosen platform or service. For detailed and accurate rates, it is recommended to contact the relevant service directly.

Processing Time for UAE Visa Cancellation

Typically, the UAE visa cancellation process takes up to 48 hours. However, if any documents are missing, applicants will have 30 days to provide them before the cancellation application is deemed invalid.

The approval of the cancellation application will be communicated online, accompanied by an official letter of visa cancellation sent to the applicant’s registered email address.

How to Check Visa Cancellation Status Online

How to Check UAE Visa Status Online
Check UAE Visa Cancellation Status Online in UAE

Checking the visa cancellation status is particularly useful for expatriates who have already left the country without formally canceling their visas.

By following these simple steps, individuals can ascertain the status of their visa cancellation:

  1. Visit the ICP website.
  2. Click on the passport information tab.
  3. Choose “Visa” or “Residency.”
  4. Enter your passport number, passport expiry date, and select your nationality.
  5. Click “Search.”
  6. Your visa details, including the expiration date and other relevant information, will be displayed.

Automatic Cancellation of UAE Visas

In the event that expatriates leave the UAE without canceling their visas, their residency visas will be automatically revoked.

However, departing the country without properly canceling visas can result in travel bans in the future, prohibiting reentry into the UAE until the expired visas are officially canceled.

Therefore, individuals must reach out to their former sponsors for assistance in canceling their visas.

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Reentry Permit for Dubai & UAE

Residency visa holders who have stayed outside the UAE for more than 6 months now have the option to reenter the country by applying for a reentry permit.

Travel and typing center agents in Dubai have confirmed this recent development. The reentry permit enables residents to return to the UAE within 30 days from the approval date of the permit.

For detailed information regarding the Dubai & UAE reentry permit, please refer to credible sources such as Official GDRFA Dubai Website and ICA Website.

Grace Periods after Visa Cancellation

Once a visa has been canceled, expatriates are expected to either leave the country or obtain another visa within a specific grace period.

The duration of the grace period varies depending on the category of the expatriate. Here are the different categories and their corresponding grace periods:

  • 180 days
    • Golden Visa holders and their family members
    • Green Visa holders and their family members
    • Widows or divorcees
    • Students who have completed their studies
    • Skilled professionals classified as first and second level in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation classification
  • 90 days
    • Skilled professionals classified as third level in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation classification
    • Property owners
  • 60 days
    • Normal residencies
  • 30 days
    • All other categories

Cancellation and Extension of Unused UAE Visit Visas

All international travelers planning to visit the UAE are now required to either cancel or extend their unused visit visas.

If travelers are unable to enter the UAE within the visa’s validity period, they can apply for an extension of an additional 60 days through the immigration portal.

The extension carries a fee of AED 200. Alternatively, if travelers do not wish to extend their visit visa, they must cancel it through the immigration portal.

It is important to note that the immigration system no longer automatically deletes old visa requests; applicants must request cancellation themselves.

Failure to cancel the previous unused visit visa will hinder individuals from applying for a new UAE visit visa.


In conclusion, canceling a UAE residence visa involves adhering to specific requirements, submitting the necessary documents, following the outlined procedures, and paying the applicable fees.

It is crucial to complete the process within the designated time frames to avoid any complications. By familiarizing yourself with the guidelines and utilizing the recommended resources, individuals can navigate the UAE visa cancellation process effectively.

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