DU Government Plan: Exclusive Plan for UAE Government Employees


DU offers customized plans and services for government employees and entities in the UAE, called DU Government Plan. This plan provides exclusive benefits and features for government sector employees.

Read this article to know all about Government Plan offered by DU.

What is DU Government Plan?

DU Government Plan
DU Government Plan

The du Government Plan is a special mobile package offered by du for UAE government employees. The plan offers a variety of services, including mobile devices and du mobile plans, roaming data bundles, and an exclusive number. The plan also provides increased national data and minutes allowance and an LTE-enabled mobile device with zero upfront cost.

The Differ from Other DU Plans

The DU Government Plan stands apart from other DU plans due to its exclusive design for UAE government employees. This plan presents benefits meticulously customized to address the everyday professional and personal requirements of individuals in the government sector.

Some of the key differences between the Government Plan and other du plans include:

  1. Enhanced National Data and Minutes Allowance: This plan provides government employees with an increased allocation of data and minutes, ensuring they have ample resources for their communication needs.
  2. Zero Upfront Cost for LTE-Enabled Mobile Device: Government employees can acquire an LTE-enabled mobile device without any initial payment, making it a cost-effective solution for staying connected.
  3. Exclusive Phone Number: The DU Government Plan also offers an exclusive phone number to UAE government employees, adding a personalized touch to their communication experience.

The Benefit

Here are the special advantages of Government Plan by DU:

The Benefit of DU Government Plan
The Benefit of DU Government Plan
  • Free Activation: When you choose to order online, you will receive free activation, resulting in a savings of AED 55.
  • Free 1-Month Bill on Us: Rest assured that we will handle your first month’s bill, providing you with a worry-free experience as you embark on your DU Government Plan journey.
  • Free 25 GB Data for 3 Months: As a special offer, you will receive an additional 25 GB of data free of charge for a duration of three months.

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How to Subscribe the DU Government Plan

To enroll in the DU Government Plan, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Visit the DU Website: Head over to the DU website at https://www.du.ae/government/mobile/plans/the-government-plan.
  2. Register with DU: If you haven’t registered with DU previously, you’ll need to do so before subscribing to the Government Plan. Simply click on the “Not registered with du yet?” link provided on the page.
Register with DU before subscribing to the DU Government Plan
Register with DU before subscribing to the DU Government Plan
  1. Fill out the form: Once you’ve successfully registered with DU, proceed to fill out the subscription form located on the Government Plan page. This form will require you to input your personal details, including your name, email address, and mobile number.
  2. Form Submission: After completing the form, click the “Submit” button to send in your subscription request.

Alternatively, if you prefer direct assistance, you can get in touch with DU for inquiries regarding subscription to the Government Plan. The DU website offers an array of services tailored for businesses and government institutions, encompassing fixed services and exclusive offers.

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DU Government Plan Offers

DU presents its best business plans to you at an exclusive price, ensuring that you receive the utmost value for your subscription. Here are the available plans:

DU Government Plan Offers
DU Government Plan Offers

Government Plan 130 AED

  • Features: 11 GB, 600 National Minutes, Unlimited Minutes within your organization, 12 Months Contract.
  • Additional Charges: +5% VAT AED 6.5 (Total Monthly)
  • Activation Fee: AED 0 (One-time)
  • Total Monthly Cost: AED 136.5

Government Plan 250 AED

  • Features: 31 GB, 750 National Minutes, Unlimited Minutes within your organization, 12 Months Contract.
  • Additional Charges: +5% VAT AED 12.5 (Total Monthly)
  • Activation Fee: AED 0 (One-time)
  • Total Monthly Cost: AED 262.5

Government Plan 550 AED (Most Popular)

  • Features: 54 GB, 1000 National Minutes, Unlimited Minutes within your organization, 12 Months Contract.
  • Additional Charges: +5% VAT AED 27.5 (Total Monthly)
  • Activation Fee: AED 0 (One-time)
  • Total Monthly Cost: AED 577.5

Government Plan 1000 AED

  • Features: 106 GB, 5500 National Minutes, Unlimited Minutes within your organization, 12 Months Contract.
  • Additional Charges: +5% VAT AED 50 (Total Monthly)
  • Activation Fee: AED 0 (One-time)
  • Total Monthly Cost: AED 1050

With DU’s Government Plan offers, you can enjoy enhanced connectivity and convenience while staying within your budget. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and experience seamless telecommunications services with DU.

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Special Corporate Offers

To enhance your experience further, you can check if your organization qualifies for exclusive special offers with DU. Simply enter your corporate email to discover the benefits tailored for your organization.

Click this link and enter your corporate email:

Check Special Offers

Required Documentation

  1. Completed Application Form with Signature
  2. Photocopy of National ID
  3. Photocopy of Employee ID
  4. Salary Certificate stamped by organization or Payslip (for non-UAE nationals only)

What happens if I cancel my line within the Minimum Term?

If you decide to cancel your line before the minimum term of 12 months has elapsed, you will incur early termination fees equivalent to one month’s recurring fee. Additionally, please be aware that any outstanding amounts on your account will also need to be settled.

Charges After Run Out the Monthly Benefits

Here are the charges you need to pay after you run out of my monthly benefits

Activation FeeAED 55
National Mobile minutes within your organizationUnlimited
National Mobile to Fixed Calling RatesAED 0.10
National Mobile to Mobile Calling RatesAED 0.30
National SMSAED 0.15
International SMSAED 0.45
National MMS (50KB)AED 0.45
International MMS (50KB)AED 1.80
Int. Calls 190 Destinations*AED 1
Incoming Calls While Roaming**AED 1
Data UsageNo Bundle No Browsing applies
Billing PulsePer Minute


  • *International IDD rates are applicable to 190 destinations. Please visit du.ae/idd for the full list of destinations.
  • **Incoming call charges do not include Inter-Operator charges.


The DU Government Plan is a game-changer for UAE government employees. With cost-effective solutions, extensive coverage, and tailored packages, it’s a plan that prioritizes your unique needs. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to simplify your telecommunications experience while saving money.

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Can retired government employees also subscribe to the DU Government Plan?

Yes, retired government employees are eligible to subscribe to this plan, ensuring that you continue to enjoy its benefits even after retirement.

Is the DU Government Plan available for all government sectors in the UAE?

Yes, this plan is available to employees across various government sectors in the UAE, including federal, local, and semi-government entities.

Can I change my DU Government Plan package later if my needs evolve?

Certainly! DU understands that your needs may change over time. You can easily switch to a different package to align with your evolving requirements.

How long the offer valid?

The offers are permanent

Is there a contract period for the du Government Plan?

The du Government Plan has a 12-month contract period. This means that subscribers to the plan are required to commit to a 12-month contract before they can cancel or switch to another plan.

Are there any special offers or discounts for long-term subscribers of the DU Government Plan?

DU often offers special promotions and discounts for loyal customers. Be sure to check their website or contact customer support for the latest offers.

Is DU’s customer support responsive and helpful for government plan subscribers?

DU prides itself on excellent customer support. Government plan subscribers can expect responsive and helpful assistance for any queries or concerns.


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