What is Makani Number and How to Find It?

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What is Makani Number

In the vast landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), navigating through bustling cities, tranquil suburbs, and expansive deserts can sometimes be a challenging task.

Traditional address systems often fall short in providing accurate and reliable information, especially when it comes to newly developed areas or remote locations.

But fear not, because the UAE has introduced a revolutionary solution known as the Makani Number. In this article, we will delve into the world of Makani Numbers, understanding their significance, and learning how to find them.

What is Makani Number
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What is Makani Number?

Let’s begin by defining what exactly a Makani Number is. Essentially, a Makani Number serves as a unique identifier for physical locations in the UAE.

It combines both geographical coordinates and a distinctive reference number, creating a digital address that is precise and reliable. Just like how your house has a street address, a Makani Number acts as a digital map pin, pinpointing the exact location of a place within the UAE.

Understanding Makani Number

To truly understand the Makani Number, let’s dig deeper into its meaning and purpose. Think of the Makani Number as a digital puzzle piece in a vast jigsaw.

Each puzzle piece represents a specific location within the UAE, and each of them bears a unique number engraved upon it – that number is its Makani Number.

By referring to this number, you can quickly identify any piece and its exact position in the puzzle. Similarly, the Makani Number acts as a digital marker that helps locate any place within the UAE accurately.

Whether it’s a popular tourist attraction in the heart of Dubai or a hidden gem nestled in the serene deserts of Abu Dhabi, the Makani Number provides a reliable and user-friendly way to find your desired destination.

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The Purpose of Makani Number

Now, you might be wondering, “Why is the Makani Number so significant?” The answer lies in its ability to simplify navigation and address systems throughout the UAE.

In a country that experiences rapid development and boasts diverse landscapes, finding your way around can sometimes feel like embarking on a treasure hunt.

Traditional addresses can be confusing, inadequate, or inconsistent, leading to difficulties in locating specific places. However, with the introduction of the Makani Number, navigating the UAE becomes a breeze.

The Makani system plays a crucial role in the official addressing system of each emirate where it is implemented. It is utilized by government organizations, police authorities, and ambulance services. Here are some ways the Makani number can be of assistance:

  1. Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency where you find yourself in an unfamiliar location, the Makani app comes to the rescue. By providing the 10-digit Makani number to the police or ambulance service, they can quickly and accurately locate your position, ensuring a swift response.

  1. Priority Assistance with Dubai Police

If you have a critical illness or are a person of determination, you have the option to register with Dubai Police for prioritized and prompt ambulance services during emergencies.

By providing your Makani number during the registration process, the authorities can dispatch an ambulance to your location within five minutes.

  1. Convenient Taxi Booking

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai utilizes Makani numbers to streamline taxi services. When booking a taxi through the S’hail app or the Dubai Taxi website (www.dubaitaxi.ae), simply enter your 10-digit Makani number. The system will accurately identify your location, allowing you to book a taxi service with ease.

The Makani number is a powerful tool that enhances navigation and facilitates emergency services in the UAE.

Whether you need it for personal reference, emergency situations, or accessing various services, embracing the Makani system ensures accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind in your daily activities.

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How to Find Makani Number

Where Can You Find Your Makani Number?

When it comes to finding the Makani number for a specific location, whether it’s your home, office, or any other place, there are a few convenient methods you can utilize:

  1. How to get Makani Number through Website

To find your Makani number on the official Makani website, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit www.makani.ae and click on the “Find Your Makani Number” link.
  • Use the search bar to enter the location address or click on the “Location” button, represented by an arrow, to allow the website to access your device’s location.
  • The system will track your location, and if you want to select a specific plot or building on the map, simply click and hold the desired area.
  • The website will then provide you with the 10-digit Makani number associated with the building.
  1. Find Makani Number using Smartphone App

Makani Number App on Smartphone
Makani App on Smartphone

For those on the go, the Makani app, available for both Android and iOS devices, offers a convenient way to find your Makani number. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your phone’s app store and search for the “Makani” app developed by Dubai Municipality.
  • Once downloaded, grant the app access to detect your device’s location.
  • Tap and hold the particular plot or building for which you need the Makani number.
  • The app will display the 10-digit Makani number, with the building’s entrance marked by a red pin and the number listed on top.
  1. Building Reception

If you are unable to find the Makani number through online means, don’t worry. You can always reach out to the security or reception of your building.

Building entrances often have a plate displaying the Makani number. Simply ask the staff, and they will provide you with the 10-digit number.

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Examples of Makani Number

Here are some examples of Makani Numbers:

  1. Makani Number: 1234567890 Location: Villa 10, Street 20, Community XYZ, Dubai
  2. Makani Number: 9876543210 Location: Office 305, Building ABC, Business Bay, Dubai
  3. Makani Number: 2468135790 Location: Apartment 1502, Tower DEF, Marina District, Abu Dhabi
  4. Makani Number: 7531908642 Location: Plot 45, Street 30, Al Ain City, Al Ain
  5. Makani Number: 3698521470 Location: Shop 5, Souq GHI, Sharjah

These examples illustrate how Makani Numbers are assigned to different properties and locations, providing a unique identification for easy reference and navigation.


In conclusion, the Makani Number is a game-changer in the realm of navigation and address systems in the UAE. With its unique combination of geographical coordinates and reference numbers, the Makani Number provides an accurate and reliable digital address for every location in the country. It simplifies the process of finding your way in a country known for its rapid development and diverse landscapes.

Gone are the days of struggling with vague or inconsistent traditional addresses. With the Makani Number, you can confidently explore the vibrant cities, tranquil suburbs, and enchanting deserts of the UAE. Finding your destination is just a few taps away on your smartphone or GPS device, thanks to the integration of Makani Numbers into digital mapping applications.

So, the next time you embark on an adventure or simply need to find your way around the UAE, remember the power of the Makani Number. Embrace the convenience, precision, and simplicity it offers, and let it be your trusty guide in navigating the beautiful and dynamic landscape of the United Arab Emirates.

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