How to Get Loan in DU? Simply Dial this DU Loan Code / DU Advance Balance Code


How to Get Loan in DU Simply Dial this DU Loan Code DU Advance Balance Code

We’ve all experienced that dreaded moment when our phone’s balance runs low, and we need to make an important call or send a crucial message. Then how to get loan in DU? Fear not, Du, one of the UAE‘s leading telecom providers, has your back with its ‘Out of Credit’ and ‘Zero Credit Call’ service simply by dialing DU loan code / DU advance balance code.

In this guide, we’ll explain your question about how to get loan in DU, explore the options in detail, ensuring that you stay connected when you need it most.

How to Get Loan in DU?

DU Loan Code

There are two options to take loan in DU when your phone’s balance runs low:

How to Get Loan in DU
How to Get Loan in DU

Option 1: Out of Credit (Borrow Credit)

Out of Credit service offered by Du allows prepaid customers to borrow a small amount of credit when their balance is insufficient to make calls, send messages, or use mobile data, by simply dial the DU loan code / DU advance balance code.

It’s a convenient option to stay connected during emergencies or when recharging is not immediately possible. However, customers should be aware of the repayment terms, including the fee charged for using this service.


You can borrow credit at any moment as long as you’ve had your line for at least three months and consumed at least AED ten per month.

Credit Amount

Upon requesting an advance credit, AED 5 is typically credited to the customer’s account. This amount allows customers to continue making calls, sending messages, and using data services, even with a zero or very low balance.

How to Borrow

You have a couple of options for borrowing credit:

  • Dial DU loan code: *108# and press 2
  • Or, send ‘5’ in an SMS to 1080.
  • Alternatively, when you attempt to make a call and hear the low balance prompt, simply dial 1.


When you borrow credit, AED 5 will be credited to your account, which will be deducted from your next recharge. Additionally, there is a fee of AED 1 (+5% VAT).

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Option 2: Zero Credit Call

When you do not have sufficient credit to make a call, you are allowed to make one call (capped at 3 minutes) to any local or international number. The service is only applicable for a single local or international call.


When your credit is less than 0.5 fils and you make a local or international call, the service is automatically activated.


one local or international call (capped at 3 minutes).

How to Borrow

Simply hold the line when initiating a call, and the call will be connected after the beep.

Optional Hang-Up: In some cases, you might initiate a call but then decide not to proceed with it. If that happens, you have the option to simply hang up the phone, and no charges will be incurred. This is particularly useful if you realize you don’t need to make the call or if you dialed the wrong number.


The cost of using the “Zero Credit Call” service is AED 1.50 (+5% VAT) per call, and this amount will be deducted from your next recharge. It’s important to note that the charges remain the same regardless of the duration of your call, as the service is capped at 3 minutes.

Important Notes:

  • Repayment: As soon as you recharge your More Time balance, the borrowed amount will be deducted.
  • Charge: For every AED 5 borrowed, a fee of AED 1 (+5% VAT) will be deducted.

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Both Out of Credit and Zero Credit Call offer a lifeline during emergencies or when recharging isn’t immediately feasible. So, the next time you find yourself running low on mobile credit, don’t fret. Simply dial the DU loan code or DU advance balance code, and you’re ready to go. Stay connected with Du, your trusted telecom provider in the UAE.


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